February 1, 2021

Montreal, February 1, 2021 – The Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) is asking the Ministry of Education to equally fund LEARN-Québec to take over the new tutoring programs announced in early January for the English language school boards.

As of today’s date, the new tutoring programs will only be available on Québec’s AlloProf platform, which does not offer adequate English programming.

“LEARN-Québec is recognized and managed by the English education community, the LEARN Board of Directors is made up of the nine English-language school boards Director’s General. The infrastructure and connection to our school boards and students has proved very beneficial in the past and more specifically since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The quality of English instruction and the student-teacher interaction is invaluable and has been demonstrated,” said QESBA President Dan Lamoureux.

“We hope the Minister of Education will support our community’s collective position on this important issue and fund LEARN-Québec equally and adequately for the benefit of our students,” concluded the President.

QESBA is the voice of English public education in Québec and represents 100,000 students in 340 elementary, high schools, and adult and vocational centres across Québec.