September 19, 2014

Montreal, September 19, 2014 – On November 2nd Quebecers will go to the polls to elect School Board Commissioners and Chairmen for the first time in seven years. In the upcoming election School Board Chairmen will be elected by universal suffrage (overall board territory).

Following the Quebec government’s restructuring of the elected Councils there will be 95 Commissioner and 9 Chairmen positions up for election across the nine English School Boards. The nomination period runs from September 23rd and for five days closing at 5:00 p.m. Sunday, September 28th. Official nomination documents are available from the Returning Officer in each English School Board. To be eligible to register as a candidate a person has to be at least 18 years of age; live in the territory of the Board in which they wish to present themselves; not be forbidden from voting in Quebec elections.

David D’Aoust, President of the Quebec English School Boards Association, said

These are pivotal elections for the future of our democratically elected English School Boards. We are looking forward to contested elections for all Commissioner and Chairmen positions. The debates, ideas, and visions that are shared during a campaign are critical for the future of our system. Additionally, running an election campaign is an exciting experience and a great opportunity to meet and exchange with friends and neighbours.

Returning Officers for the nine English Boards:
Central Québec Cathleen Scott 418-454-2978
Eastern Shores Chantal Pitt 418-968-8412
Eastern Townships Pauline Lazure 514-296-1118
English Montreal Pierre-Yves Bezzaz 514-910-9541
Lester B. Pearson RĂ©mi Poliquin 514-422-3000
New Frontiers Cuthbert McIntyre 514-220-6080
Riverside Kathleen Balfour 514-894-6727
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Linda Di Domenico 450-621-5600 x132
Western Quebec Richard VĂ©zina 819-684-1313 x1152

For information:
Kim Hamilton, Director of Communications and Special Projects
Quebec English School Boards Association
TĂ©l.: (514) 849 5900, x225