October 3, 2014

Montreal, October 3, 2014 – The Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) officially launched the November 2 school board election campaign this morning accompanied by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports Yves Bolduc and the President of the Fédération des commissions scolaires (FCSQ) Josée Bouchard.

“We have been looking forward to our date with democracy for seven years and we are extremely pleased with this electoral period so far. Our English network has responded to the call for action, for our students and for our future,” said QESBA President David D’Aoust.

The number of candidates for the English sector is at a healthy 52% of wards that have two or more candidates, a big difference from the 36% in 2007 and the low 26% in 2003. This will also be the first time that the school board Chairman is elected universally by the entire school board territory we have 6 of nine elections across Quebec for the offices of Chair. QESBA is co-sponsoring a series of candidate debates with Global Montreal that will begin airing tomorrow evening at 5:30 moderated by Jamie Orchard on Focus Montreal covering all four Greater Montreal area elections.

“But our work is clearly not done, you have to make sure you are on the English voters’ list to make your vote count,” said D’Aoust. There is a revision period to make your choice of voting in English school board elections. The revision period begins today and goes to October 14. To find out if you are listed on the English voters list please call 1-888-election or contact your local school board for times and location of the board of revisors.

“Now it is up to you, go out and VOTE on November 2. Our students and their future need you, concluded D’Aoust.”

QESBA is the voice of English public education in Québec.