October 11 2023

Montreal, October 11, 2023 – The English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA) and the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) are increasingly concerned with the manner in which the Quebec Government accounts for and distributes the monies received under the Canada-Quebec Entente envelope ear-marked for the English minority community in Québec.

Both the EPCA and the QESBA have been advocating for transparency and for equitable division of resources for over a decade as well as proper reporting on the distribution of these funds with absolutely no willingness from the Québec Government.

“This is becoming increasingly frustrating for our community. We ask for tangible documentation on the distribution of funds and we continually ask for an equitable distribution and we get absolutely nowhere,” said Katherine Korakakis, President of EPCA.

“In my time in the English public education network, the government has held only two discussions on the Canada-Quebec entente and neither of them have led to changes in the manner in which these funds are reported upon or even distributed,” said QESBA President Dan Lamoureux.

“The federal government needs to insist that Québec report like all of the other provinces who receive money from the entente for their minority communities,” added Mr. Lamoureux.

“We need to know where the monies that are earmarked specifically for our community are being spent,” concluded Ms. Korakakis.