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October 21, 2019

QESBA Weekly Message

Week of October 21, 2019

QESBA Professional Development Session/AGM

The QESBA PD and AGM will be held on November 1 & 2, 2019 at the Hotel Mortagne in Boucherville.  A small block of rooms is available to reserve at $159/night (reservation group #26970).

You all received the program detail, all of our discussions will be around Bill 40 and the analysis from our legal team.  Furthermore there will be an important community mobilization component with our partners at EPCA and QCGN. We are encouraging all councils, commissioners and parent commissioners to attend as well as all senior board administration.

You can register with Suzanne at The registration fee $100.00. We need to confirm the number of participant's by Tuesday, October 29 at the latest.

Bill 40

The Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Education is set to begin hearings as of November 4 on Bill 40.  QESBA is one of the presenters from our sector. The QESBA Executive Committee met yesterday to begin strategy discussions that will continue at the next Board of Directors Meeting on November 1.

We are currently working on the draft brief. It will be sent to the Board of Directors as soon as possible once the lawyers have reviewed the content.

Canadian Association for Communicators in Education (CACE)

The CACE conference was held last weekend in Winnipeg, QESBA presented a joint workshop with CSBA on the Future of School Boards.

This conference also annually showcases the stand-out communications programs in school boards across Canada.  QESBA wishes to congratulate the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, they and their Communications department were the recipients of two awards.


President Dan Lamoureux and Executive Director Russell Copeman will represent QESBA this weekend at the Féderation nationale des conseils scolaires francophones conference in Winnipeg.