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November 25, 2019

QESBA Weekly Message

Week of November 25, 2019

Bill 40

The adoption in principle went through the National Assembly this morning, the bill is now in the hands of the  Culture and Education Committee to treat clause by clause.  If you so chose, here is the link to follow the commission. At this point, QESBA is hearing conflicting information on the possibility of the CAQ government enforcing closure next week before the end of the session.  It is clear, however, that no one in the Education network wants this bill adopted.

Joint News Conference

QESBA joined the FCSQ and several unions and associations on last Tuesday in a joint news conference asking that the government postpone adoption of Bill 40 in hopes of holding a proper Estates General consultation of all education stakeholders in Québec.


APPELE-Québec held a day of community consultations on Bill 40.  Once again, the English-Speaking Community is leading and consulting interested parties where the government has lapsed.You can view these consultations on the APPELE-Québec Facebook page.

QESBA Board of Directors

The QESBA will hold its next Board of Directors Meeting on Friday, December 13, 2019.  It is later in the schedule so we can see where we are going with Bill 40.