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January 13, 2020

QESBA Weekly Message

Week of January 13, 2020

Bill 40 

The Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Education was reconvened yesterday January 13 to begin clause by clause deliberations on Bill 40. QESBA met with the Minister prior to the holiday break with absolutely nothing new to report. It clearly was a simple courtesy meeting. A meeting of APPELE-Québec should be convened in short order to examine next steps on Bill 40 prior to the start date of the National Assembly which is scheduled for February 4.

Court Challenges Program

Two days before the holiday break, QESBA received positive news from the Court Challenges Program. We had submitted a formal funding request in the Spring to Challenge the up-coming legislation on the abolition of school boards and were denied due to the preliminary nature of the file. In mid-December the panel reconvened and accepted our funding request based on the imminent threat of Bill 40 to our minority language education system. As we reported in the past, Power Law is aiding QESBA on all legal matters surrounding Bill 40 and they will be managing this funding.

Estates General

Prior to the break, QESBA along with our partners in Education, met briefly to discuss the importance of a broad Estates General in 2020 instead of pursuing legislation which, is clearly not in the best interest of students across the province.This discussion was held immediately following the joint news conference attended by QESBA, AAESQ, EPCA and QFHSA among other french partners denouncing Bill 40 that included vast union and parent representation.Related Articles:Journal de Québec/Montréal, Réforme des commissions scolaires: Roberge met de l’eau dans son vin.